Advisory: most of the posts on this blog are about lovely, fuzzy things like babies and gardening. This one is not. It is about the meat my family will eat all winter long. If you are a vegetarian, or otherwise sensitive to the killing of animals, you may want to skip this one.

This weekend, my best canning friend and I went to the farmer’s market to pick up our half of a pig. The farm that raised this pig is Champoeg Farm, the very same folks I get my store bought eggs from when my egg lady is all out.

When I saw all the bacon that was going to be mine, I was literally jumping up and down and squealing in my friend’s kitchen. It is so interesting to me the physical reactions I have to different qualities of meat. At lower end grocery stores I can barely look at the meat; it nearly makes me feel ill to think about eating it. But at a meat counter I trust, or with farmer raised meat, I am so ready my stomach growls. It matters so much how humans treat animals. Animals must be given respect and good care throughout their life. If not, it is straight up disrespect.

I am so excited to cook and eat this meat all winter. It gives me a peaceful, relaxed feeling to think of my (new!) chest freezer full of well raised meat. My family will not go hungry this winter. No we will not.

Here are some pics, for those who want to view them. Nothing beats the smell of bacon and coffee in the morning.





I also got the call today saying that the cow we will get a portion of had been killed. In two weeks we will split a half a cow between four households. I trust and respect the farmer who raised that cow very much.

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Canning Homegrown Tomatoes

As I have mentioned in the past, most of the food I can doesn’t come from my garden, other folks grow it. But this year my garden has been fairly prolific, and quite a few jars of home canned goods have come out of the garden. Mostly it has been dilly beans and canned tomatoes of sorts. I’ve done two tiny batches of dilly beans, with each batch containing two or three jars. I’ve canned a six pint batch of stewed tomatoes, and two three pint batches of whole peeled tomatoes.




I was out in the garden this morning and noticed enough greens beans to fill a jar. Today I’ll have to pick those and put them in a jar in the refrigerator until I’m ready to can them.

This three headed beauty is also growing in the garden.


Gotta love the colors of the season.

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Finding Room

My sewing machine has been hiding out ever since my step step son moved in to our guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is now his room, with my sewing table in the corner, and my great grandmother’s quilt on the wall.

Well after his living with us for five months, I decided it was high time to make the room feel more his own. I had been contemplating for quite awhile where we could squeeze in the table in our small, 1000 sq ft house.

Well one night, in a caffeinated organizing frenzy, I pushed aside a pile of semi random stuff in our mud room / laundry room. I called to my step step son and we hoisted the table out of his room, over the pile of stuff, and squeezed it into it’s new home. It fit. Just barely.


So now I have a sewing nook. Here, wedged in between the shoe rack, and the clean laundry bins.


My organizing books have taught me something. If you have a tiny house, make it work for you. View a nook the way you would view a spare room in a larger house. Heck yeah! I have my own sewing nook! And it’s fairly far away from the bedrooms, which means that the early morning and the late nights are mine. I can sew without the bumping of the machine waking up my sleeping family. Let the season begin. I am ready.

ps, notice my new toddler proof sewing machine case?

: )

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Canning My Heart Out

Wow. There is a lot of food to can. All summer long, all year long(!) I have been canning. I am at the point where I have to force myself to do it. It has lost it’s appeal. But I know that, come winter, I will be so glad for each jar of stewed tomatoes in the pantry. So back at it.


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IMG_0508IMG_0505IMG_1489   IMG_2080 IMG_2077 IMG_1935 IMG_1960 IMG_1536  IMG_1497 IMG_1503 IMG_1486  IMG_1455

Homegrown. Gracing the yard.

There are few. But each is such a beauty. Next year I will strive again for abundance.


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September’s Garden


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Mama’s Time Alone

Well this lucky lady got to go on a mini vacation alone. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my good friend’s wedding in North Carolina this month. It was wonderful not be a full time mama for a couple of days.

I read my books, stayed in a lovely B&B, danced, and talked with the ladies.

Learning new skills:


The B&B:

IMG_1798IMG_1803IMG_1806Time to read alone. Amazing.


A bit of glamour:

IMG_1813All dressed up:


A superb celebration.


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