We’re In Eggs! 


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Seeds Started


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Our Daily Sushi

Lately I have been making veggie sushi in the morning for my step daughter’s school lunches. I start a small pan of sushi rice just after I make my coffee. As I prepare breakfast I also get the nori (seaweed wraps) out of the cupboard, and an avacado or cucumber out of the fridge. I find free hand rolling of sushi pretty easy. The only tricky part is having the patience to continually re-moisten the blade of the knife as I slice the roll into pieces. It is an easy and inexpensive lunch to make from home, and one that my stepdaughter really enjoys. In order to keep it tidy I drizzle soy sauce over the sushi when I’m packing her lunch.  

Yesterday I made extra rice so that I could give River some sushi too. She ate hers on a blanket outside. 

We invited our rabbit, Sweet One, to join our picnic by offering him some delicious carrots and an apple.



It was a beautiul day.  

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Cute Kid’s Shirts

Kids grow so fast. My little one is proof of that. Every so often it will happen that suddenly none of her clothes fit. She recently went through a time of rapid growth. I have bought her some new shirts, and have been sewing pants for her. Currently she has about 5 long speeves that fit. Just about perfect except for the fact that 4 of these shirts quickly got stains down their fronts from food. Now I am not super picky about how my daughter looks. I believe that love, affection, and attention are much better signs of good parenting than a perfectly groomed child. But even I am not so keen on taking my three year old around town in permanently stained clothing. So today I decided to do something about this situation. I sewed cute, Earthy patches on the fronts of her stained up long sleeves. Ta-da! New wardrobe that we both feel great about. 

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Fresh Days

Well I for one am grateful that the holiday season is over. Now we can get on with the important stuff, like transplanting lettuce seedlings and sewing more kid pants. 
Here we are lucky enough to have had TWO sunshiney days in a row. What a blessing. And friends galore, and my stepdaughter home from school. I feel lucky to have simple food, one million wonderful animals (or so it feels), and plenty of time with my family.

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Decemeber 25, 2015


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Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice from Portland Oregon




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