Canning Season

Small batch by small batch my pantry is filling up.

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Tis The Season

There is fresh produce everywhere! The farmers’ market, gardening friends, and the grocery store are filling up our house with delicious fresh food. My tummy loves me when I eat like this.

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River’s Art Cabinet

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Fairy Acrobatics

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Cat Nap

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Berry Season

River and I had a great time at the farmers’ market on Sunday. We picked up some blueberries and raspberries.

When we got home we made a little raspberry jam.

All in all it was a good day.

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We’re Back

River and I just spent three weeks in Northern Michigan. It was pretty darn good. Beautiful there.

Here is our view of Mt Hood on the plane ride home:

Now we are back and I spent today gardening and doing yard work. I greeted all of our animals. It is good to be loved.

Being a caretaker of land can be both grounding and heavy.

My husband kept the house tidy, the plants watered, and the animals fed. I am feeling grateful.

Good Night

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