Summer Photos

Summer is so busy with gardening, canning, visiting with friends, and staring up at green trees against the blue, blue sky.

Here are some photos of moments from this summer that I never got a chance to share with you:


















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Peach And Potato Harvest


Our little peach tree produced. And not just a few peaches. It produced a whole large bowl full of peaches. River picked many an early peach, but we still got a good crop. We all feel lots of excitement over this fruit, because we grew this little tree from the rootstock of an old grafted peach tree. When we began, the tree was nothing more than an old crooked, dry trunk. We thought the peach tree was dead, but our landlords wouldn’t let us cut it down. So I planted strawberries around it. All my watering of the strawberries paid off. The root stock of this spindly old stalk of a tree grew its own branches, and the branches bore fruit. Within two years of planting strawberries, we had peaches. Pretty amazing.

The potatoes were also a family affair. I planted them, we all tended them, and my husband and daughter took extra delight in harvesting them.

As the (small) harvests roll in I begin to tuck in for winter time. The breezes are cooler, and the sky is cloudy. The garden still bears tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Sunflowers and now marigolds beam out their fall oranges and golds. It is harvest season, and here in Pacific Northwest, time to plant again! I am separating and replanting kale starts grown over the summer from saved seed. I am canning like crazy, but dreaming about quilting.

Enjoy your harvests, and savor the golden days.

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Fewer Dishes

Over the past few months I’ve given away many of my dishes in an attempt to simplify.

Getting down to basics helps to reduce that massive pile of dirty dishes to the left of the sink. The fewer dishes you have, the fewer dirty dishes you will have.

There are pluses and minuses to this practice. One downfall is that when my dishes are dirty, my cupboard may look like this:


However, when my dishes are clean, my cupboard looks like this:


Nice and simple, no clutter. It is easy to find everything, and is pleasant to my eyes when I open the cupboard.

I wash my kitchen scissors about 18 times a day, but then again, they are never very hard to scrub, since they have so recently been washed and used, washed and used…

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Rustic Refrigerator


I thought I’d post a picture of my fridge while it was looking so cute.

We have a basket of grapes, harvested yesterday from the neighbor’s yard. We have a big jar of brine for making pickles. We have a produce drawer full of beets to be pickled, and another drawer full of homegrown cucumbers. Eggs, from The Egg Lady’s chickens as well as our own chickens. And a big beautiful bowl of peaches from a friend.

Glory Be.

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Praise to August Harvests

August’s Harvests provide us with fresh, filling meals during the summer, and they will keep us alive during the winter. Preserving goes on day after day here.

I am feeling especially grateful for my farmer friends. Our garden provides us with small harvests each day at this time of year. I am grateful for cucumbers to slice and salt, and zucchinis to add to our stir fries. But my farmer friends have been so generous with their bountiful harvests. My friend the Egg Lady gave us two lustrous dark purple eggplants. They are delicious. My friend Farmer Gal dropped off boxes of beets, beans, basil and squash for my family to eat and for me to preserve. We have a deal where I can up the free produce and she gets half of the finished product. Free food is wonderful.









Zucchini was shredded and frozen in two cup increments to make zucchini bread this fall and winter.


Basil that I made into pesto and froze.



Sliced golden beets for pickling and the spice bag for the brine.

Thanks Farmer Friends, we are so grateful.

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Canning Pie Filling


These beautiful plums were free off a tree from a home where no one was living. I canned them up for pie filling as if they were tart cherries.






Hope your summer canning is going well.

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The River

We spent the day at the river as a family. I did not get my intended chores done. I did not pick plums or can them. But I did listen to the sound of the water on rocks. I did watch the sunlight change throughout the day. And my gaze was held by those beautiful trees. I watched my family play in the water. They were beautiful and we were silly. It was well worth it.

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