I have been needing help with chores ever since I started working again. I’ve been vocal about asking for help, and have received some, although it can be sporadic. Lately though the help seems more consistent. This helps me to feel much calmer and opens up space in my life for other endeavors.

Here you can see that River helped me fold the laundry. She put hers neatly away in her drawers and took pictures of the process. She even helped type up some of this blog post (lots of learning about sounds and words these days in her world).

River also likes to help with the cooking. She scrambled the eggs for our morning quesadilla.

She has also been helping to feed our animals lately and let out and feed the outdoor animals; our chickens and our bunny who likes to free range. She hopes to get a puppy at some point in the future. I have told her many times that the best way to show me that she would help care for a puppy is to care for the animals we already have, including our 16 year old little dog, Skootch.

I let River watch certain TV shows (although not commercials, thank you Netflix and Amazon). To help get her motivated about chores and being tidy I let her watch a ‘grown up’ show with me – Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up. We watched the one with the couple with kids, episode one, and River’s reaction was ‘can we do that?’ “Can I fold my clothes like that?’ Very satisfying.

Also, I want to say Welcome! to all 200 subscribers. I am so happy to have you.

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What We Have Been Up To

It’s been a beautiful mild winter here, and we have been working in the yard, walking lots of places, and enjoying riding the bus.

Inside we’re up to lots of crafting these days. Most recently Valentine making has taken up our evenings.

Here are some of River’s:

And here are some of mine:

Many picture frames in our house got a cute spruce up last night. The doll house roof also got a fresh coat of paint.

After crafting time comes bedtime story. We are reading our way through The Borrow series and are on the last book. Every night River and I cuddle up for a chapter or two of these great books.

I’ve been printing photos and filling up photo albums. Digital photos are nice, but years from now I want physical photos I can hold in my hand and look at, no matter what changes occur in technology.

The gold one is a family photo album, and the sparkly blue one is for my step daughter. I’ve been feeling it big time lately that she only has a year and a half left living with the family. She’s 17 now and sure to be on her own before too long. All signs point in that direction, as she is very self motivated in moving forward toward young adulthood. She is taking community college classes for dual high school college credit, and working a job and saving money. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I am making her this photo album so that she has her own books of photos when she moves out and lives on her own. She may want to reminisce and look back on her childhood and her family years when she is in her own space.

I’ve also been adding to her hope chest a lot lately as well. For Christmas I got her a set of four bowls that very much remind me of her.

It is bittersweet that she is growing up, but mostly I am just proud of her and so grateful that I can trust her to make wise choices. I think she’ll have a lovely life living on her own when the time comes.

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Real Life

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December 24th, 2018

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Two For The Hope Chest

I’ve made Hope Chests for my step-step son (my stepdaughter’s brother, who is a young adult now), my stepdaughter, and my daughter, River. River’s Hope Chest is still sparse, because she is only six. But slowly we add to it. Today we bought two sets of lovely, soft hand towels. I’m fond of this kind. They are from Trader Joe’s. I have a set and I got my mom a set as well. I’ve been wanting to get them for River’s Hope Chest. Today she was with me at the store and chose her own colors. We splurged and got two sets. I am happy to add to the girls Hope Chests whenever I can. And to clarify – these chests do not have marriage as their final goal. They are for when the kids are old enough to be on their own, whatever that looks like for them.

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Simple Harvest

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Peach Pie



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