My Makeup Kit

Here’s a glimpse at my natural and long lasting make up kit. I feel like it’s fairly sustainable and a number of the items can be mostly composted when they have finished their life.

My make up brushes I got for myself as a wedding present at my ‘bachelorette party’ (spa day) 10 years ago. The handles are bamboo and the bristles are natural. These babies have held up. They are still in wonderful shape after a decade and they work very well. The brushes could be thrown into a compost pile if you were willing to pick out the metal rings a year or two later. Or you could saw them off at the end of the handle and compost the handles. These brushes came in a natural fiber wrap which I use as a travel case. It is fully compostable.

The outer lining and tag of the Aveda bag can be composted. The fish sake cup is clay. It could go back to the Earth or become garden art once broken. I often use pottery that way. I have had it for a long time and got it second hand from the thrift. It has lived with me for 8-10 years. It’s been around.

Here is the make up that lives in the Making It Happen bag. (The other bag has more assorted toiletries). Making It Happen came to me via the thrift.

Eco Bella powder in a light color (Pale). This base I add color to depending on the time of year and my complexion. I can be pale or tan. Eco Bella is a natural make up brand sold by my local high end natural grocery store. Apart from the mirror and the elastic band that keeps it closed, this case is compostable.

Mineral Fusion bronzer in Sparkle. This is my eye shadow and the darker shade I mix in when my skin grows tan. It can, of course, also be used under the jaw bones to add definition. I only do this if I’m going out at night and really dressing up.

Mineral Fusion blush in Airy. This is my blush, and I also use it on my brow bones over my eye shadow. It can be lightly brushed on the neck and chest to ease the transition from made up face to natural skin tone, and to create an overall healthy glow if you need a little extra. Mineral Fusion is a natural make up brand carried by several local health food stores.

Locally made brand of loose mineral powder in Lime. This is what I use my tiny flat make up brush for. I will lay a thin line of the bright glittery green above my eyeliner, and sometimes out in a line past the eye. I do this on St Patrick’s Day and fun nights out where the light might catch the sparkle. I also sometimes very lightly dust my arms, chest, or cheekbones with this. The light will catch bits of it and give you a glow.

My eyeliner and lip liner are both Mineral Fusion. The eyeliner is a light-ish brown called Rough and the lip liner is a brownish pink called… something. It is entirely rubbed off. That’s because I carry these two pencils with me wherever I go in my purse. If I suddenly need to up my look a bit these are my two main tools. I use them regularly and often in the car. I also have a natural dark brown eye pencil I use for going out at night or fancy occasions when a little more is needed. Simply adding a layer of darker eye pencil can take your look from day to evening.

Lastly I have Mineral Fusion waterproof mascara in a dark brown called Cliff. I choose to go with dark brown mascara these days because it matches my coloring and looks more natural.

I know there are makeup guidelines on how often to throw out makeup. And I think these rules of thumb have their place with wet makeup such as foundation or mascara. There is more potential for bacteria to grow. But almost all the makeup I use is dry (mascara is the exception), and it keeps safely for years. The green mineral powder I got the first year I lived in Portland. That was 13 years ago, and it is the same as when I purchased it. I’ve had eyeliners that last 8 years. I just finished up blush that I bought when my daughter was a baby. Since I don’t wear makeup every day, and go long stretches without it, I am able to keep items for a long time. This feels sustainable to me. Infrequent purchases of high quality, thoughtfully made make up is something I feel good about.

When I turned 35 I gave myself permission to wear makeup every day that I felt like it. I’m enjoying it during this chapter of my life.

Here’s a picture of me with my version of ‘full’ daytime makeup on. With the natural look it can almost look like you don’t have makeup on. It’s just like turning yourself up a notch.

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Just Right

As I have mentioned before, I’ve spent years now working on simplifying my home and clearing out unneeded items. Marie Kondo says that when you reach your ‘just right’ zone of organization and simplification you’ll know, that you’ll feel it. I always imagined that this just right point would accompany a sparse and beautiful for home for me. But I think I stand corrected. I think for our family home the just right point contains some clutter. We are always leaning random snapshots on our bookshelves, or adding a little decorative animal to a windowsill.

Our house feels so good right now. And our family has a peace that I have longed for for years. Our just right is cozy; mostly clean, but a bit cluttery. And you know what? It doesn’t bug me. Because peace is so much better than an absolutely clean home. When I am at peace I can rest, even if our living room had been set up like a classroom for stuffed animals .

; )

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Recent Crafting

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Holding Space

Hi Friends,

Today what is on my mind are the kids who are too old to be called kids. Our teenagers. I am of an age where many of my friends have teenage kids. I myself have a teenage stepdaughter who is technically an adult now. The most amazing thing of all is that she is actually acting like an adult. She is so responsible; working full time and getting promotions at work. She has decided not to attend her senior year of high school, which took me a few months to get over. But now I am at peace with it. At least as much at peace as I can be when the decision is so fresh. While all of her peers finish up their senior years. I know I cannot control her. I remember being young and free. No one could tell me what to do. I made my own choices, many of which my family were not fond of. I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life doing things my family advised me against. And those who opposed me I viewed almost as enemies. I do not want to be my stepdaughter’s enemy. I want to be someone she can talk to and remembers fondly. Someone she comes to visit even though she doesn’t have to. I have faith in her, and I am so proud of her. And that is what matters most.

Teenagers can have such extreme struggles. Three years ago my close friend’s son committed suicide. Although he and I were not close I had known him since he was born. I have known his mama since we were 14. I know and lived with his dad (co housing). I know his grandmother and two of his uncles, one on each side of the family. I know his stepdad. I watched him grow and he had a special place in my heart, as most adorable, authority questioning, troublemaking, sweet boys do. I realized when he died that I had written a story for him in my head. The story of his life once he grew up. How he would have a rocky youth and young adulthood, only to come through it, meet up with a woman who saw his light shining through. How he would turn that resentment at society into a productive force and become a giving member of society who would work to make things better in our home area. To have that ripped away, from me, from our home town, from his mom, from his grandma, from his dad, from all his family, from his friends, from everyone who knew him. From the universe. That future disappeared from reality and now only lives in the minds and hearts of those who love him, who sit, like I do, crying at my kitchen table three years after the height of his struggle.

Another young man in our circle committed suicide two tears before that. The son of friends. Both of these young men were at our wedding when they were adolescents. Hanging out with my stepdaughter’s brother and another young man who is very important to me. We have photos in our wedding album of them, all sitting in a circle, laughing at things 14 year old boys find funny.

And now another young person who story is written in my head is struggling. And although these young men probably never thought of me when they tried to recall who they were important to, I think of them. Day after day, year after year. For those who are gone I mourn. I remember, I try to release. For their parents I hold peace for them in my mind. As a goal. A sometime goal. I see the change in them. I see the sameness in them; times they are their old selves for one laugh. And I hold that in my mind and call it up. For those who struggle today I mourn. I try to hold peace for them in my heart. And I wonder. And wonder. What are they feeling, what are they thinking? And is there anything we can do? I feel disconnected when I think of all the things I kept from my parents at their age. Although I feel an emotional connection, I do not truly know what these teenagers’ lives are like. I know the things suitable to tell parents, or friends of parents. I don’t know what is under that. Or what they or their friends said or did last week. The intimate and tender parts of their lives they often share only with friends or partners. Some don’t share these things with anyone.

When I think and feel about these things, which is quite often in these last 5 years or so, my insides feel so soft and swirling. It is hard to stay grounded in it because there is so little I can do.

These teenagers, these young adults, their stories swirl around my head. How they differ, how they are similar. What choices, what decisions, what bits of chance, made each go the way it did? I have no idea. I don’t know that anyone does. I can’t point to anything in any case that seems to set it apart. Life is full of struggle and beauty. And randomness of fate that can be devastating. These young folks are the future and the present. When they are children we feel we have control and we can feel so connected to them. As they age it is a whole different situation.

I have no answers. I have no succinct way to sum up this post. No silver lining. I am just swirling inside. I am holding space for the pain, the uncertainty, and for the hopeful, maybe, someday Peace.

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Today I feel incredibly grateful for all the small parts of life that make a life whole. Yesterday I was very ill with a bug that took all my strength and left me unable even to speak. Being sick like that makes me realize that every other day I am a superhero. That regular people all around me are superheroes, just for living their lives. Just for doing the hundred tiny things each day that life requires. It takes tremendous energy. And today I can see that clearly.

I am so grateful also for the small gestures from my family that got me through yesterday. Being part of a family is such a solid thing, and yesterday I could feel how that strength held me. My daughter was resourceful. She entertained herself all day by watching videos and drawing. She even made her own food: ‘dip’ made from spaghetti sauce and beans which she ate with chips. My hard working stepdaughter made my daughter lunch and took her to the pet store with her before she had to head to her shift at work. She also gave me a sparkly water from her own stash. My husband came home earlier from work than he normally would have. He stopped at the grocery store and got me apple juice and more sparkly water, and ordered me Pho (the most amazing Vietnamese soup made with life sustaining broth and veggies) to be delivered. These small actions made it so that I did not have to stress on a day when my energy level was below zero. They held me up. And today, when I awoke well again, I felt so full.

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Porch Kitty

Our sweet Porch Kitty passed away this September. We had been fostering her for a year and a half and were in the process of making her our family cat. It was very sad for all of us. We mourned the dreams we had for her. But her time with us was comforting for everyone and we will always remember her with a warmth in our hearts.

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Bigger Clothes Box

In our storage closet we keep a bin with clothes that have been given to us that are currently too big for River. Each time we need new clothes for her we look through this box first. It is stocked with snow pants, skirts, socks, pants, shirts, jackets and shoes of larger sizes. It is handy and thrifty; cuts down on clothing costs and is sentimental in that it allows River to wear clothes that our friends, or even her much older sister once wore.

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