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My beets sprouted; tiny little bent over strands of magenta

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Tonight’s dinner was spaghetti.  Included in the dinner were homegrown home canned tomatoes, homegrown garlic, homegrown fresh and dried oregano, homegrown fresh chives, homegrown dried thyme, homegrown radish sprouts and homegrown mint tea.

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Garlic bed prior to fencing

Here is what my garlic bed looked like when I had the chicken protection in place.  When this image was taken I had just added the fence posts.  Now the area looks much brighter and lighter and cheery.

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Fenced off the garlic

Hooray!  I finally created a fence around my garlic and flower bulb bed!  I uncovered the shoots from their dark chicken protection.  The new shoots are so green and vibrant.  It cheers me every time I open our back door.

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More seeds started

Started more seeds. Hardy lettuce, beets, sweet white onions, yellow storage onions and leeks. The radish sprouts are healthy and vibrant. We are eating them on salads and spaghetti. The volunteer tomato starts are getting bigger. The second round of … Continue reading

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tiding up and fencing off

I’ve been getting my garden spaces ready for accepting plants. Today I fixed up the greenhouse for the spring and pounded in fence stakes for the garlic bed. This year the garlic is growing in the only garden bed that … Continue reading

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Floor eggs

Today I let my chickens out at dawn. In their coop were two warm eggs, one from each. I picked up the eggs and put them in my pocket. When I got back inside my house, I bent over to … Continue reading

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Today I hope to start some lovage seeds. Lovage is a perennial plant that can be used in place of celery. Apparently it has a stronger taste that can be akin to anise. It’s dried seeds can also be used … Continue reading

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new quilt

Started a new quilt night before last. This will be my first full sized quilt. By full sized I mean large enough to cover a twin bed. I am using up much of the precious cotton fabric I have. Quilting … Continue reading

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The ladies

Here are Nimbus and Firebird.  Nimbus is the black and white chicken and Firebird is the reddish brown chicken.  Sadly Firebird died this fall, right around Thanksgiving.  I miss her, but I bet Nimbus misses her more. They were together … Continue reading

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