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The yarn I spun being crocheted into a basket I am making.   The basket will hold our bicycle helmets.

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Hand Spinning

Went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival today. Picked up a Navajo Spindle; my first spindle ever.  It is intuitive and fairly easy so far.  This evening I spun for the first time, using grey roving wool. Here is … Continue reading

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tiny hot-pink crunchy celery … or is it?

Ever eat your beet and chard stalks?  You should.  Magenta goes great in any meal.  They give your dish a little color pop and a delicate crunch. Good raw in salads or cooked in stir fries. Plus they are an … Continue reading

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A beet I grew from seed indoors then planted out

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Late summer harvests

New potatoes and ripe tomatoes

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Pokeweed Dye

My beautiful creative friend and I did a natural dying project at my house the other night. I have let a pokeweed plant grow up in my front garden bed. It has felt like a gift; a spiritual reminder of … Continue reading

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Chicken gate

I built a gate for the chicken enclosure.  I installed it and in the process used hinges for the first time.  It swings smoothly.  I feel proud of myself. Women’s Woodworking Initiative is on!

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I live in a world of rain…and I love it

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