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Lucky or Blessed

I am either lucky or blessed to have such a sweet stepdaughter in my life.  I know each person has other people that they mesh well with, or don’t get along with.  For me my family works.  My stepdaughter is … Continue reading

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ps on applesauce / baby food

To stir the applesauce I am using the hand carved wooden spoon that my stepdaughter gave us for Christmas.  There is a picture of it in an earlier post entitled Hand Made Christmas Present.

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Homemade applesauce / baby food

Today I am making homemade applesauce / baby food.  I am six months pregnant with a baby girl, my first blood child.  I have a stepdaughter of 10. The baby food is just boiled mushed Washington apples and two Washington … Continue reading

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Pickled Vegetable Extravaganza

Last night two girlfriends and I canned up lots of pickled veggies.  The canning party was a success.  I mostly made curry flavored pickled vegetables because I enjoyed the ones from the last batch so much.

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Full Pantry

The pantry did it.  It opened its huge yawning cavernous mouth to allow in 15 new jars of pickled vegetables.

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Potato Leek Quiche

Tonight for dinner and tomorrow for breakfast we will be having homemade potato leek quiche.  The leeks are homegrown and the lovely lady chickens laid the eggs. 

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