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Sorry I have been so absent. A sick baby has had me lying low. But I’ve been helping with homework, cooking, cleaning, baking and crafting. I got some floor space cleared in my craft room, some fabric organized, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Veggie Soup

Today we have a sick baby on our hands. Or should I say in our arms. I find that the best medicine is staying in bed to rest rest rest. So being this baby’s mama, I am in bed today. … Continue reading

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Women who Do

Just went to the hardware store and I was happy to see many women there.

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Chicken Mash

I was in the midst of making homemade granola two nights ago when a perfect little moment presented itself to try and organize the fabric in my craft room. My aunt, who was visiting, offered to hold River and hang … Continue reading

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Cozy Chickens

Oh yes they are. This past week and a half they have been lovin up their coop and not spending a whole lot of time outside on the frosty ground. Their new heat lamp keeps the coop toastier than the … Continue reading

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Reading vs Doing

Some days I would rather read about homemaking or homesteading than do it. But that’s ok. That’s where a lot of the good ideas come from.

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Cold Snap

We’ve been having a bit of a cold snap here in Portland, Oregon.  The temperatures have been low for the greater part of a week.  It’s been mostly dry, which was nice and we’ve even had a bit of snow. … Continue reading

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