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Apple Mania II

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Half a day of apple prep and I’ve worked my way through… half a bucket. Now there’s just the other half of the bucket and the huge storage container full of Grannie … Continue reading

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Today I (deep breath)… Did laundry, gave the chickens new straw, vacuumed, tidied up,  AND made: apple crisp nachos marinated pork cutlets with fresh applesauce and roasted potatoes and chocolate chip cookies   exhale.  goodnight

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Apple Mania

OMGosh! The apples in the basement are rotting, but I’m frozen from dread of peeling them all! Ahhhh! So many apples. I have to use them or else I’ll be lame. … Sigh…………

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A Basic Bread Recipe

There have been a couple of requests for the recipe I use to make my bread.  It is Mollie Katzen’s Basic Bread Recipe from her cookbook The Enchanted Broccoli Forest.  She is the same chef/writer/illustrator who wrote the famous crunchy … Continue reading

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Kraut and Cheese

This past week I made homemade sauerkraut and homemade cheese with a fellow homemaker. He showed me how to make the cheese, which was awesome because I’ve wanted to learn for at least a decade. We used frozen raw milk … Continue reading

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Garlic Bed Fence Pictures

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Tomato Seeds

I’m excited to say that I’ve found my tomato seeds and I’m planning their planting. My garden guides don’t recommend starting them for another month or two, but I find that my homegrown starts take longer to mature, so I … Continue reading

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