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Homemade Cloth Napkins

This is the third time around for this fabric. A woman I used to clean and landscape for made her own cloth napkins, as well as a picnic blanket, out of this. She eventually gave the fabric and napkins to … Continue reading

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Peas and Leeks

Planted peas today with my mom and daughter.    : ) Here is a picture of my overwintering leeks.

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Sometimes I want a break

Sometimes it gets tiring being the primary caregiver for my baby. Some days I want a day off. But this hasn’t happened in the eight months since my daughter was born. Nor is it likely to happen while her main … Continue reading

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Little Tents For My Tiny Babies

Here is the protection I placed over my radish sprouts and my newly planted spinach. I planted spinach seeds thickly in one half of my planter and will plant another green in the other half. The ladies want the dirt!

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Baking Day

Quiche, Pizza, Cookies

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Radish Sprout Pictures

Got to love radish sprouts. These bad boys have been in the ground only about a week or so, and here they are! So sturdy, so healthy, so vibrant. I love radish sprouts for the boost they give my soul … Continue reading

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The radishes sprouted!!!

I meant to take a picture today of their lively little heads poking out. So cheery. Tomorrow, I’ll post one tomorrow. I just had to tell you, I was so excited.

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Recycling Baskets Galore

Well I’ve done it. I’ve put recycling baskets in each bathroom. No more toilet paper tubes in our garbage, no siree. Besides our main recycling container in the kitchen, we also have a glass recycling basket in the kitchen. We … Continue reading

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Homemade Baby Skirt

Here is a super cute little baby skirt that I sewed for River Rain. It is made out of the neck of one of my old sweaters. It is the same sweater that I made her little elf hat out … Continue reading

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Top shelf of my refrigerator

I know it’s a blurry picture, but I just had to share. I feel so proud. Look at all this home canned goodness that my family is eating. I have been doing an excellent job of keeping my fridge clean, … Continue reading

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