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Homemade Cloth Napkins

This is the third time around for this fabric. A woman I used to clean and landscape for made her own cloth napkins, as well as a picnic blanket, out of this. She eventually gave the fabric and napkins to … Continue reading

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Peas and Leeks

Planted peas today with my mom and daughter.    : ) Here is a picture of my overwintering leeks.

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Sometimes I want a break

Sometimes it gets tiring being the primary caregiver for my baby. Some days I want a day off. But this hasn’t happened in the eight months since my daughter was born. Nor is it likely to happen while her main … Continue reading

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Little Tents For My Tiny Babies

Here is the protection I placed over my radish sprouts and my newly planted spinach. I planted spinach seeds thickly in one half of my planter and will plant another green in the other half. The ladies want the dirt!

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Baking Day

Quiche, Pizza, Cookies

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Radish Sprout Pictures

Got to love radish sprouts. These bad boys have been in the ground only about a week or so, and here they are! So sturdy, so healthy, so vibrant. I love radish sprouts for the boost they give my soul … Continue reading

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The radishes sprouted!!!

I meant to take a picture today of their lively little heads poking out. So cheery. Tomorrow, I’ll post one tomorrow. I just had to tell you, I was so excited.

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