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We all need rags in our homes, but they’re something we don’t give a lot of thought to. Some folks buy boxes of rags, and we have done that in the past. We did it a year ago when we … Continue reading

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Hankies for Mama

We all need more hankies. Here are a few I made for myself out of, you guessed it, old pajama pants.

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Fistful of Greens

Spring leeks, chives, and mustard greens from the garden. Going into the lasagna.

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The Fence Is (halfway) Up

I did it. I feel very proud. Half of the fence is free of vines and standing upright in the garden. Today I planted along it as well.

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Garden Pictures, End of May

Self starter potatoes and celery starts from the store. Yes. I’m going to try to grow celery this year. Potatoes and tomatoes grown at home from seed, ready to plant out. I’ve been letting my homegrown tomato starts and my … Continue reading

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this and that

Where to begin? I have been busy. In the past five days I have pickled, thrown a dinner party (both on the same day), baked bread, and rearranged parts of the house. Here are a few random pics to feast … Continue reading

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nasturtium seedlings

These little babies are popping up all along my garden border, where I planted them.

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Dinner Party : spring fresh

Yum Yum. Fresh pasta salad, rice salad, rice crackers, goat’s milk cheese, home made pickles, local rose wine. Friends. Food. Stories. And freshly made pickled asparagus cooling on the counter.

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Structural Work in the Garden

Since I am reclaiming garden space from a blackberry patch, there is lots of work to do. Although I am already starting to plant the garden, there is still structural work to be done. I have already removed most of … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Today was a sick day for half of the day. Until about 1:30 River and I just laid around and did about nothing. We did take a sweet little nap with the animals though. After our nap I felt somewhat … Continue reading

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