Leftover Lunch

I’m not the world’s biggest leftover fan. Not to say that I don’t eat food from previous meals, I do. It’s just that the thought of eating leftovers for eating leftovers sake just kind of grosses me out. Something about eating it because I have to versus because I want to is unappealing to me.

With all that said, I was in the middle of a bread baking session the other day, I was hungry, and we had several bits of food in the fridge that needed to get eaten.

Here are the foods I combined to make my delicious leftover lunch. Leftover homemade asian dumpling filling from a previous night’s dinner. Fried tofu that my husband had used in homemade sushi for my stepdaughter’s lunch (Yes, he makes her homemade veggie sushi often. I know, awesome, right?) Rice noodles that were fresh and not leftover, and freshly harvested chives for a garnish on top.




About Erin O'Neill

Hi, my name is Erin O'Neill. I am a part time urban homesteader and a full time homemaker and new mom. I enjoy canning my own food, crafting, raising chickens and working my bit of land. This blog is for anyone who wants to hear about the day to day struggles and successes of incorporating the old ways of life back into today's busy world.
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