Cold Coffee


My mother taught me this trick. In the summer time when you have leftover coffee that you don’t want, instead of dumping it, save it in the fridge to drink as cold coffee.

I have a special jar for it with a cute label. This helps it to feel like you’re drinking something yummy rather than ‘leftovers.’ It works out great because you save money, resources, and time. I often crave cold coffee in the summer, and really dislike the waiting process of brewing coffee and waiting for it to cool. I like having cold coffee ready whenever the craving strikes. With some cream and agave, it can’t be beat.


About Erin O'Neill

Hi, my name is Erin O'Neill. I am a part time urban homesteader and a full time homemaker and new mom. I enjoy canning my own food, crafting, raising chickens and working my bit of land. This blog is for anyone who wants to hear about the day to day struggles and successes of incorporating the old ways of life back into today's busy world.
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