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Home Sweet Hotel

So due to the lead paint situation our family has temporarily relocated into a nearby hotel. I am finding it essential these days to make these spaces we are in cozy. Since we basically don’t have a solid home right … Continue reading

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Lead Paint

Sorry for not checking in for so long. We have been in panic mode. There is lead paint flaking off of various surfaces in our new house. Here you can see the plastic that was put up over doorways and … Continue reading

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Trying Times

These first few days in our new home have been hard. The home is beautiful, with lovely touches everywhere. In some ways we are feeling lucky to live in such a nice house. The land stretches around us and our … Continue reading

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Move Out Day Harvest

Yesterday was move out day. Here is a picture of the almost ripe tomatoes I harvested from our garden. They will ripen here at the new house and we can eat them slowly.

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Cozy yet almost empty

Tomorrow is our move out day. Here are a few pictures from early this morning. The craft room. I’m disassembling this shelf now. Plates, cups, bowls and drinking jars. Down to just a few of each. The rest are packed. … Continue reading

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Big Daddy Dill

Four years ago I grew, picked and pickled this big daddy. It was an attempt to replicate the gigantic and delicious whole dill pickles one finds on counters of delis and gas stations. Unfortunately for this pickle, I was never … Continue reading

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Man Power

It’s amazing what men can do when they put their muscles to it. What took me three weeks to pack three dudes loaded into a truck in four hours. It’s happening.

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T minus four days

Muchas Boxes.

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Big Time Girl

Mama had a meeting at the house, and all the ladies pulled out their computers. To make sure little miss didn’t feel left out, I whipped out our old laptop and my old smart phone and set her up. She … Continue reading

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Letting Arugula Self Seed

Arugula goes to seed so quickly that it’s frustrating. But I read this great idea and thought I’d try it. After arugula flowers, and as it starts to seed, just make sure that the seed pods are above the soil … Continue reading

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