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Crazy Quilt

Just after I graduated high school, I came across this crazy quilt. I think it is incredibly beautiful. When I first lived on my own with a couple of my girlfriends, I had it as a bedspread on my bed. … Continue reading

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One Day

Washing beet greens to make Beans and Greens. The beets the greens came off of will be pickled and canned later this week. Here they are I made blueberry muffins to go with the beans and greens to take to … Continue reading

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Mint Tea, Fresh Eggs, and Pea Planting

Another cold has come our way. Luckily, so far it seems to be the type of cold that allows one to still function in life. Inside I have a cup of homegrown mint tea seeping. Bubba Grace, the cat, and … Continue reading

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A Vocation

I am feeling such an outpouring of love right now for my home and for completing the tasks that it takes to keep it together. This does not mean that I always want to do each task, or that I … Continue reading

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February 19th, 2014

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Small Starts

It’s mid-February and my tiny seedlings are growing. Here are some photos of the lettuce, leeks, spinach and kale growing in my back room.

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Enticing Bulbs

I hate the term ‘forcing bulbs.’ It sounds so mean. I don’t want to force the poor little bulbs to do anything. I just want to entice them to come out of their shells and greet the spring a bit … Continue reading

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Our New Wall!

When I was having my organizing extravaganza I also decided to paint one wall in our back room. It was just drywall, with white patches painted over certain spots. And it was what you saw when you looked through the … Continue reading

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Organizing the Back Room

I was successful in my venture to organize our back room. This room serves as our back porch, mudroom, and laundry room. It stores many things for us. It is also the site of my baby seedlings, started this winter … Continue reading

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Three Day Snow

Well here we have had quite a special treat. In Portland, Oregon, we do not get much snow. But this weekend we got a real taste of winter. It snowed for three days straight! School was closed and we even … Continue reading

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