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Baby Tasting Salad Greens, fresh from the garden

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A Moment of Sun

Finally jarred up the rest of the bulk flower that I bought a year ago now. Stayed in great shape that whole time. We had a little window of sun today, in between our hearty showers. Homemade soup. Homemade meets … Continue reading

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Local Source of Eggs

I am so excited to have met a wonderful woman who lives nearby and raises hens. Finally, I can walk to pick up locally raised eggs. My excitement cannot be contained. We tend to run out of certain grocery items … Continue reading

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Sweet Acorn Hat

I made this sweet little guy last week. I thought I was making him to sell, but as you can see, my hand slipped a little as I was drawing his eye, leaving a bit of a mark. So I … Continue reading

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Dust Bath. Outdoor Nap. New Pea Trellis. Made from found curly willow. Using old pottery in the garden. This is from one of the sets of pottery my grandparents got in Mexico. They used them regularly, and after their deaths, … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons

Spring has come, and yet, there are still some dark days, there is still some cold rain, and to be honest, there is still a little winter funk stuck to our bones. I can tell things have been a bit … Continue reading

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Flour Girl

I had a helper today as I jarred up our 20 pounds of white wheat flour. We got a lot done. Now, on to the next project, starting seeds.

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Sunny Days and Sprouts in the Garden

We have had the most gorgeous spring weather. Bold sunshine, warmth, blooms, mixed with that refreshing bit of chill on the breeze that makes you sure it’s spring. We have been barefoot. And those seeds I planted? They know it’s … Continue reading

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Canning Planning

Hello All, The time has come for me to begin planning out my preserving schedule for the next few months. This fall and winter did not allow for much preserving to happen, what with all the moving about and settling … Continue reading

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Picnic in the Rain

As I have searched for ways to create family togetherness it has become apparent that for us, simple is better. I originally dreamed of days spent hiking on Mt. Hood, camping trips, and weekends at the coast. Those may happen, … Continue reading

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