Make Hay While The Sun Shines, or whatever

Today I made use of a very important life lesson. For the past week or so I have been feeling the weight of taking care of my daughter so much. By six o’clock every night, I’m wishing it was her bedtime. But it’s not. So today, while she took a nap, instead of doing housework, or cooking, or gardening, I watched a TV show and ate snacks. And you know what? For the rest of the day I was able to be a more present mom.






About Erin O'Neill

Hi, my name is Erin O'Neill. I am a part time urban homesteader and a full time homemaker and new mom. I enjoy canning my own food, crafting, raising chickens and working my bit of land. This blog is for anyone who wants to hear about the day to day struggles and successes of incorporating the old ways of life back into today's busy world.
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