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Figuring It Out

I am trying to get organized. Throughout my life I have been a moderately disorganized person. Oh, I have labeled folders for important papers, electronic and paper calendars and address books. I have systems for some things, but not for … Continue reading

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Simple and Delicious

I’ve been eating a lot of meals that look like this lately: Oven roasting my simple veggies and beans to give them a delicate, sweet finish. I simply drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle them with sea salt, and pop … Continue reading

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Four Chickens

Well, we have both of our new chickens here with us now. In this photo you can see Dundren, Nimbus, and River welcoming them to the hood. Our newest chicken has now been moved into a dog crate that her … Continue reading

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Meet Solstice

Yesterday Solstice came to live with us. She has her own cage, decked out with straw, a perch, food, and water. At night it gets covered in a cozy blanket. During the day she has a full view of the … Continue reading

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New Chickens Soon To Arrive

I am happy to announce that the two chickens who I was interested in giving a home to will both be coming to live with us. One is named Solstice, and is black (I think), the other is un-named as … Continue reading

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