Ready for the turn of the year


The chickens are feasting in this time of Bounty.

IMG_1572 IMG_1571 IMG_1567 The garden is full, as our the local farmers’ fields and my neighbors’ fruit trees.

Canning my heart out.

Here is my canning diary, where I keep an updated record of my recipes used.


And here is River’s version that she was working very hard on.

IMG_1613 IMG_1614IMG_1616 IMG_1615 Peach Jam with Agave

IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1630

Full Pantry

IMG_1645Drying thyme


Collards harvest


Bubba helps can salsa.

IMG_1618We chopped veggies outside all afternoon.

IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1698

And canned well into the night. Ok, well into the wee hours. Ok, it was 3:30 am.

IMG_1702Our backyard.

IMG_1718 IMG_1728My mother in law knows what I like. Look at the lovely checkered cloth napkin she gave me for my birthday.


IMG_1866Freezing sweet corn

IMG_1908 IMG_1912 IMG_1917The end of the summer and beginning of fall are full to the brim with things to do. I am well pleased to say that I have preserved an enormous amount of food this summer. My pantry is stocked with pickles, salsa, and an assortment of jam. Still to come are more applesauce, apple butter, dilly beans, and who knows, perhaps even some pumpkin butter?

I am excited to begin the search for a good, used chest freezer. We will need a chest freezer for the 1/8 of a cow, and half of a pig that we have on order from local farms.Our large freezer attached to our fridge is full to bursting with hand picked local blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, and homegrown and friend grown green beans. Also in the freezer are fava beans to give us protein this winter and sauteed veggies that have been frozen in ice cube trays. These will liven up starchy winter meals with a little zest and freshness. My fridge currently holds many, many zucchini, all bound for the freezer and wintertime.

All this excitement and food preservation has me feeling ready for the slower pace of Autumn, ready for crafting and tea and candles. I dream of fabric. I can tomatoes.


About Erin O'Neill

Hi, my name is Erin O'Neill. I am a part time urban homesteader and a full time homemaker and new mom. I enjoy canning my own food, crafting, raising chickens and working my bit of land. This blog is for anyone who wants to hear about the day to day struggles and successes of incorporating the old ways of life back into today's busy world.
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2 Responses to Ready for the turn of the year

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Awesome thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. I’ve been feeling the same…. Up till 3:30 am is good going!

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