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Christmas Quilting

It’s happening! A little every day. With help from the cats, of course. See the window beyond my sewing machine? The sky is dark. 5:45 a.m. and I’ve been at it for ages. If I cannot finish it I will … Continue reading

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Holiday Crafting

My sewing nook in the back room has gotten a lot of use these past few weeks. My sewing takes place almost entirely during nap times or after little one’s bedtime (I set an alarm to wake myself back up). … Continue reading

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Homemade Wreath

My friend had a wreath making party yesterday, and I was able to make this lovely branch wreath. There is some natural magic in weaving a circle of seasonal, live branches from outside and hanging it before the entrance to … Continue reading

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Quick Stocking Stuffer

You can make a quick and easy homemade stocking stuffer with just a few snips of the scissors. This doll or stuffed animal scarf is super cute and will delight your kids. All you need is a small strip of … Continue reading

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Things that are free or nearly free

Things that are free or nearly free: yoga, homemade bread, old cloth, friendship. We can make a life of these. Yes we can.

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Life here has been an up and down journey, as it often tends to be. Had an almost-breakdown outside the grocery store over the cost of food. Felt the soul warmth of kinship with our neighbors / friends. Ate some … Continue reading

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