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The Ever Changing Garden

The peas have sprouted. They are reaching toward their strings. In a week of heat the arugula flowered. Some of it I am letting go to seed so it will drop its seed and reseed. Others I have pulled and … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Child

I share a bed with my husband and our toddler. Last night she slept until 5, when I woke, then she fell back to sleep. Nights like this give me vitality for my early wakings and the day that follows. … Continue reading

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Times I Questioned My Sanity

Late this summer I grabbed two big bags of peaches from produce department. ‘I’m gonna make jam,’ I announced to my stepdaughter. Those peaches sat in my fridge, mocking me, for what seemed like a long time. I had so … Continue reading

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Finding Community

It has been a struggle for me to find my folks here in Portland, OR. Almost 8 years I have been here, and only in this past year have I felt that I had enough quality friends to sustain me. … Continue reading

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Making Do

These have been lean times. My role is to feed the family, whether in times of plenty or no. I had to get mighty creative this last month to make those meals appear on the table. Although this can be … Continue reading

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