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Fewer Dishes

Over the past few months I’ve given away many of my dishes in an attempt to simplify. Getting down to basics helps to reduce that massive pile of dirty dishes to the left of the sink. The fewer dishes you … Continue reading

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Rustic Refrigerator

I thought I’d post a picture of my fridge while it was looking so cute. We have a basket of grapes, harvested yesterday from the neighbor’s yard. We have a big jar of brine for making pickles. We have a … Continue reading

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Praise to August Harvests

August’s Harvests provide us with fresh, filling meals during the summer, and they will keep us alive during the winter. Preserving goes on day after day here. I am feeling especially grateful for my farmer friends. Our garden provides us … Continue reading

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Canning Pie Filling

These beautiful plums were free off a tree from a home where no one was living. I canned them up for pie filling as if they were tart cherries. Hope your summer canning is going well.

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The River

We spent the day at the river as a family. I did not get my intended chores done. I did not pick plums or can them. But I did listen to the sound of the water on rocks. I did … Continue reading

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