River helps out with a lot of chores around the house and yard and with the animals. She doesn’t have specific chores that are hers, but she is learning a little bit of everything along the way, and can truly be helpful at this point.

She can feed the dogs and cats, give the rabbit carrots, herd chickens, water plants in the greenhouse and the garden, fold wash cloths and her cloth face wipes, and wash plastic and wooden dishes. As you all know, she loves to bake, and she often begs to help cook.

I don’t force her do chores becuase it just doesn’t work. And I’d rather keep the good vibe going with doing chores than make it a hard and horrible thing. I also call my own work chores so she gets the picture that we all have chores we do. For instance, in the morning I make coffe, make breakfast, pack lunches, feed the cats and dogs and rabbit and let out the chickens. I call these my morning chores. She knows that I need to take care of my morning chores before I can sit and cuddle her on the couch or start on a project with her. I tell her I have to finish my morning chores so everyone stays happy. I hope that this helps build the concept that we all do things for each other in a family for the greater good.


Here is how I do one of my chores; I fold laundry while watching one of my favorite high quality TV shows. The wathcing device goes in the middle, by the cat. Watching a show I enjoy while doing a chore that must be done helps to make it enjoyable, and it gives me the feeling of getting some me time, even if I am still contributing to the family.

See you later. Enjoy your chores.

; )


About Erin O'Neill

Hi, my name is Erin O'Neill. I am a part time urban homesteader and a full time homemaker and new mom. I enjoy canning my own food, crafting, raising chickens and working my bit of land. This blog is for anyone who wants to hear about the day to day struggles and successes of incorporating the old ways of life back into today's busy world.
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One Response to Chores

  1. ladybetwixtandbetween says:

    It’s so great to see other parents having their kids do chores. We’ve been working with our 3 year old on setting and clearing the table, cleaning up his toys, and helping feed the animals as well.

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