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Late Winter Pictures


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Spring Is Here

Hello Again. Around here we have been busy with basic, old fashioned living. Bread baking several times a week, cooking food from scratch, animal care, dishes, laundry, kids. River and I weeded a huge area in our newly expanded garden, … Continue reading

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Our Daily Sushi

    Lately I have been making veggie sushi in the morning for my step daughter’s school lunches. I start a small pan of sushi rice just after I make my coffee. As I prepare breakfast I also get the nori … Continue reading

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Fresh Days

Well I for one am grateful that the holiday season is over. Now we can get on with the important stuff, like transplanting lettuce seedlings and sewing more kid pants.  Here we are lucky enough to have had TWO sunshiney … Continue reading

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Decemeber 25, 2015


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We had a lovely neighborhood outdoor potluck and bonfire this weekend. I am so lucky to have kind, friendly neighbors. Here are some pictures I took as we prepared for our get together: Here is River, cozy by the fire, … Continue reading

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Ready for the turn of the year

The chickens are feasting in this time of Bounty. The garden is full, as our the local farmers’ fields and my neighbors’ fruit trees. Canning my heart out. Here is my canning diary, where I keep an updated record of … Continue reading

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