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Placemats For Our New Farm Table

As a gift I had a farm table specially made for my husband. We are both so pleased to have it. But we’re a bit scared to eat on it.  So I’ve been working on homemade placemats to protect our … Continue reading

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September’s Garden

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Mama’s Time Alone

Well this lucky lady got to go on a mini vacation alone. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my good friend’s wedding in North Carolina this month. It was wonderful not be a full time mama for … Continue reading

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Ready for the turn of the year

The chickens are feasting in this time of Bounty. The garden is full, as our the local farmers’ fields and my neighbors’ fruit trees. Canning my heart out. Here is my canning diary, where I keep an updated record of … Continue reading

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Life on the Back Yard Farm

My lovely and talented farming female friends shared with me some of their green beans. These became the first frozen batch I put aside. I tried out blanching for the first time. Slowly accumulating (non sprayed) wild blackberries and freezing … Continue reading

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Guests and Summer Goodness

I feel most lucky that some beloved friends have moved to the area and are staying with us until they settle in. Our home is full. Full of kids, full of laughter, full of parenting, and full of food. What … Continue reading

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Hi there, boy, summer is a full time. We have been picking berries like nobody’s business. Our freezer is loaded with them. The garden is growing and growing. So is my little one, who is two now. We’ve had friends … Continue reading

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Blueberry picking on Sauvie’s Island with our multi-branched family and our friends. Back home now, with the freezer stocked and tummies full of blueberries. Happy pickin.  

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Summer Time

Summer is here, and life is full. There is so much food to preserve. Our freezer is filling up with fruit. We have gallon zip top bags full of strawberries and raspberries and even fava beans frozen. Raspberry jam was … Continue reading

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Fresh Strawberries!

Hi Guys, Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I accidentally deleted all the info and photos off my phone, simultaneously making it so I couldn’t post up blog posts with it. I will get it figured out … Continue reading

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