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Well we made it. We are now in our new home in Michigan. This home has been in the family for 18 years now, but this is our first time living here. I’ve been letting it as a furnished rental … Continue reading

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Homeschooling During Covid

Like many of you parents we are homeschooling here. Or crisis schooling as some aptly call it. We are doing a combination of workbooks, reading, and science at home mixed with some of the work that my daughter’s teachers are … Continue reading

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River and I are about to go outside into our lushly overgrown backyard and I will read to her from the chapter book Lyddie by Katherine Paterson. This book is fantastically written and highlights the difficult working conditions for some … Continue reading

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Covid 19

Hi Everyone, We have been in our home and yard seeing no one but each other for a bit over a week now. I think we are doing pretty well, but some days are definitely hard. We are doing a … Continue reading

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Big Changes

Hello Everyone, We’ve got Life! happening around here. Our family is preparing to move back to our home state of Michigan to the beautiful home we are so lucky to own there. As we prepare for this journey my stepdaughter … Continue reading

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Just Right

As I have mentioned before, I’ve spent years now working on simplifying my home and clearing out unneeded items. Marie Kondo says that when you reach your ‘just right’ zone of organization and simplification you’ll know, that you’ll feel it. … Continue reading

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Today I feel incredibly grateful for all the small parts of life that make a life whole. Yesterday I was very ill with a bug that took all my strength and left me unable even to speak. Being sick like … Continue reading

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Porch Kitty

Our sweet Porch Kitty passed away this September. We had been fostering her for a year and a half and were in the process of making her our family cat. It was very sad for all of us. We mourned … Continue reading

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Bigger Clothes Box

In our storage closet we keep a bin with clothes that have been given to us that are currently too big for River. Each time we need new clothes for her we look through this box first. It is stocked … Continue reading

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River’s Art Cabinet

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