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The Past Five Years

Five years ago we had to move from our trendy walkable neighborhood in Portland, OR, to a neighborhood on the outskirts that was not our top pick. Due to a chain of events we had to pare down our lifestyle, … Continue reading

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Somebody’s getting a quilt for Christmas…  

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Christmas Quilting

It’s happening! A little every day. With help from the cats, of course. See the window beyond my sewing machine? The sky is dark. 5:45 a.m. and I’ve been at it for ages. If I cannot finish it I will … Continue reading

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Holiday Crafting

My sewing nook in the back room has gotten a lot of use these past few weeks. My sewing takes place almost entirely during nap times or after little one’s bedtime (I set an alarm to wake myself back up). … Continue reading

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Baked Apples, New Fabric, and Plans

Yum. Filled these apples with sliced almonds, oats, shredded coconut and brown sugar. Autumn is here, and with it comes bread baking, bean soaking, veggie roasting, and all the rest. Here is the first loaf of the season. The standard, … Continue reading

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Why A Farm?

Now I know some of you out there are thinking – why is this blog entitled Erin’s backyard farm? Why not just Erin’s back yard.   Well I will tell you why.   It is because of how we think of things … Continue reading

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Upcoming Crafts

I have finished one chapter in my creating, and I am about to start another. If all goes well, I hope to soon be blogging about: Candle Making Salve Making Baby Quilting Clothes Making (!!! I am so nervous) Home … Continue reading

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Crazy Quilt

Just after I graduated high school, I came across this crazy quilt. I think it is incredibly beautiful. When I first lived on my own with a couple of my girlfriends, I had it as a bedspread on my bed. … Continue reading

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Still Quilting

Still working on the beautiful Christmas present. It is coming along. Tying it now, then need to add the border. Here you can see a mess up I made earlier when sewing a piece on. These are from yesterday:

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More Holiday Crafting

Ahhh, an evening to ourselves. Here my stepdaughter is working on a small quilted wall hanging as I sew on a wall hanging as well. Both gifts. Tea and time. Special. I gotta go soak this up. : )

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