Garden Pictures From This Fall

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Cover Crop

About to turn under this buckwheat I planted as a cover crop. After the garlic was harvested from this plot I sowed buckwheat and it grew easily and quickly with just a little water from our sprinkler. Now I will shovel it up and lay it back down, putting the buckwheat under a few inches of soil. It will decompose there under the soil and release the minerals it acquired as it grew. When I plant the next succession of plants in this soil they will be fed from what is left over from the buckwheats’ bodies. Feed the soil so it can feed us.

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Beautiful Harvest

Getting small but regular harvests from the garden


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Garden Pictures August 2017

As you can see, the natural has a place in our garden

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Real Life Kitchen

With all the beautiful pictures on the internet of people’s homes and familes you may feel like you are living a life of mess and disorder that no other household is experiencing. I’m gonna tell you right now: it’s all hype.

Yes, some people’s homes are always clean and tidy. But most of those folks posting pics are either cleaning up for their pictures or are taking selective shots of what looks good. You cannot see what the camera does not show. I personally think that may be the resaon that close ups are so popular these days: they only show a few selected things.

To dispel this notion that all homemakers’ homes are perfect, or that all other parents have got it figured out I am going to show you some pictures of my kitchen: unfiltered. No tidying has been done.

I am a fulltime homemaker and my daughter and I stay home together all day most days. I cook most everything from scratch, which, let me tell you, makes a lot more dishes than eating premade food.

So behold: my messy kitchen.

So I hope this helps you breathe a sigh of relief. We can have beauty AND mess in our lives at the same time.

Here’s the current from scratch cooking: Scalloped Potatoes.

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Small Potatoes

Our underground harvest is mostly in for the year. Small to say the least, yet satisfying. Thank You Ground.

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