Spring Flowers

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Homeschooling For Preschool


This spring we have been focusing in on homeschooling. Next year is kindergarten, and we have to decide whether River will attend school or whether we contine to homeschool. I am leaning toward homeschooling. I feel I need to prove to myself that we can keep our days lively and interesting, and that we will have a good mix of academics and life learning such as cooking, baking, art, caring for animals and home, and learning garden and nature skills. Homeschooling would incorporate a mix of educational styles including Waldorf, Montesorri, and Public School learning goals.

As for Waldorf kindergarten, our home life already resembles a Waldorf kindergarten. We bake and we make food together, with River learning how to chop veggies. We do watercolor painting and lots of imaginative play. We have many natural toys. We spend time outdoors regularly.

One main aspect of of Montesorri Education that I am interested in is each group of objects having a home, and grouping like objects together. I believe it ingrains in children a sense of order that will keep the family home pleasant and will transfer over to their home lives as adults. Also appealing is letting children lead the way by basing leaning on interests they display.

Because we may choose to enroll River in school at some point we would keep on point with public school learning requirements for each grade. So this would include learning letters and numbers as well as beginning to learn a little writing.

Here are some homeschooling work we have done over the past week.

image image

With these two worksheets we were working with the concept of quantities represented by numbers. So River added dots to each caterpillar body in the same quantity as the number next to the catepiller. She painted the correct number of scoops of ice cream on each cone to match the number beneath it.


We are learning about fractions with tortillas. River likes to have a tortilla rolled up with jam. She has learned to ask for either a whole tortilla, half a tortilla, or a quarter of a tortilla.


And lastly, I purchased this workbook. This workbook allows us to homeschool at times when I do not have handmade worksheets available. River can also work on learning numbers and letters and other skills while I am cooking or doing other chores.

Wish us well as we continue on our journey.

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Spring Has Started




Here in lovely Portland, Oregon, we are welcoming in spring. It has arrived, with its warm breezes and stronger sunshine. There is still plenty of rain and grey skies, but my eyes are searching out only sun. We want flowers everywhere, even on our table; and each time we’re outside in the neighborhood we’re seeking out spring’s first blooms. I spiffied up our front yard today, and we’re cheering things up inside too. Rearranging and simplifying and leaving the doors open to air out the house. Yes, we are feeling it. A new season and a new chapter. Welcome Spring. We couldn’t be more glad to see you.

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Late Winter Pictures

image image image

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Hope For The Future




Folks these days are feeling apprehensive about what our future may hold. I find my hope here, among the plants and the people who love the Earth. So long as there are people living, treating the Earth with kindness, respect and reverence, then I will continue to hope. As long as their are people living who treat animals with respect, I will continue to hope. And as long as there are people living who treat other human beings with respect, I will continue to hope.

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Merry Christmas


Look at our lovely Christmas gift from Rosie the chicken!

Thanks Rosie 💙

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Gingerbread Folks


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