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Beautiful Butt Wipes

Today I completed my first craft project since my baby was born.  She is one lunar month old today (28 days).  My mother in law and my step daughter held her while I crafted.  Advertisements

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hutch hutch, whose got the hutch?


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New Perch

My husband has started to put the chickens in the basement at night.  They still don’t have a coop or fenced in enclosure at our new place,  and a mama raccoon with 5 babies was spotted in our backyard. So  … Continue reading

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Chickens in da hood

At our new house there are so many chickens on our block that it’s hard to tell if the noise is from my chickens laying or someone else’s chickens laying. Lovely. Suddenly we’re no longer the loud chicken people.  It … Continue reading

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This year’s garlic harvest

Here is this year’s garlic harvest.  Not as big as last year’s,  but satisfying nonetheless.   When I planted it in October I was unsure whether or not we would be at our old house in July when it was time … Continue reading

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Nature Baby

Here is River Rain under the lavender with my favorite kitty

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Goodbye to the last chapter in my life

Over at the old house today,  doing maintenance on the gardens and visiting with my cat love, who lives next door.  My body and soul have the urge to care for these plants.  This was our home for so long.  … Continue reading

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